Here's How to Order:

E-mail us your image, photo, or text (text with image). Remember, for best results, your image should be a minimum of 300dpi.

Standard Image Size: The standard image size is full chest of approximately 10" x 11" (or up to 12" x 16" if needed). But we can print larger. There may be a nominal charge for larger images.

File Types: Please convert any text to outlines before sending to avoid the printer substituting fonts. Transparent files (PNG/TIF) are best, but we may end up knocking out some of the background anyway to be compatible with the printer output. Jpegs will be processed as appropriate for printer compatability. Send us what you have and we'll go from there!

Choose the size and color you want for your T-Shirt. Don't forget to tell us how many you want (you'll always get a discount on the second shirt). Decide if you want to pick up your shirt (and save a little money) or have it mailed to you. We'll look at the file and send you a mock up with an invoice. You can pay through paypal, or the secure link that comes with the invoice. Businesses may pay by check.

Our Pricing is Simple, Too

We start with a base price and go up or down from there. Dark shirts require pre-treatment (before printing) and a layer of white ink during printing. That is why the base price of colored shirts is higher.

We stock four (4) colors in Mens sizes M/L/XL. Other colors and sizes are available (see color special orders page) but there will be a delay in processing time to receive the garment at our shop.

Product Base Price Discount on 2nd
Men's White T (M/L/XL) with Text or 300 dpi image (allow up to 4 shipping days processing for non stock sizes) $ 18 $ 2
Men's Colored T (M/L/XL) with Text only (no real color limit) $ 22 $ 3
Men's Colored T - with 300dpi image or photo (allow up to 4 shipping days for non-stock colors and sizes) $ 24 $ 4
Ladies T or Men's 2XL and Larger (add to above pricing) $ 4 (see above)
Image Manipulation/Enhancement/Optimization for DTG First 15 minutes free $10 per 1/4 hour after
General Design Time (from scratch or base photo) $10 per 1/4 hour
Purchase of Enhanced Image After Printing (personal photo only) $10 per photo N/A
Pillow Insert in White 18" x 20" raw (or bring your own 100% cotton fabric) $ 12 $ 2
Pet Tees (S/M/L) White $18 Colored $24
Flour Sack Towel $10 $2
Cotton Canvas Totes Natural $12 Colored $16
Image License (Purchased License Third Party) Actual Price Actual Price
Groups or Quantity Orders Get Quote Get Quote
Shipping and Delivery (Pick up for N/C) USPS $ 6.50 in Colorado
Sales Tax Will be added to invoice

We stock These Colors and sizes

For faster service choose one of these. You may also choose any size or color of long or short sleeve shirts by viewing this catalog. Simply let us know the names of the color(s) you have chosen and add 3-4 days shipping time to receive the shirts in our office.

We Stock Men's T-Shirts  in 3 sizes and 3 colors

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