DTG Technology

This technology, called Direct to Garment (DTG), utilizes a specific inkjet process and special inks to print directly onto fabric apparel. The garment is pre treated (dark shirts) with a special fluid to ensure proper distribution of the ink. After the image is applied, the garment is heat set to complete the process and help the ink set into the fabric.

What is Special about DTG?

This Technology Allows AnyOne to Wear Their Own Custom Designed Garment:

Custom Rocky Mountain High on White Shirt Fort CollinsThe Direct to Garment Printer takes a high quality computerized graphic or photo and converts it to a garment worthy of putting on in the morning.

The technology produces intricate detail. It is uniquely suited for printing high quality photos and for individual/low quantity print runs.

But you don't have to be a graphic designer to create a good quality, fun and imaginative garment. A great saying and simple graphic (or no graphic at all) sometimes make the very best T-Shirts. How many times have you said, "I should put that on a T-Shirt"?

With this technology, now you can. You're now only limited by your own imagination.

Women's Custom T-Shirt with Dog Button Fort Collins, CODTG Technology places any high quality graphic on a garment. DTG means you can create a single garment from your favorite photo or show off that design you've spent 40 hours making.

You can now easily print T-Shirts for your family reunion, club sport -- we've even had hostesses print invitations on shirts for their guests to wear to the party.

With this technology, you can print a single shirt or a hundred shirts -- the choice is yours. You can even print the same design with different people's names. That way your group is together, but everyone's an individual, too.

Custom Meb's T-Shirt with graffiti Fort Collins, COThe process is simple. For Photo images, you simply choose one of your photos and let us brighten it up a bit or change it with some fun effects. Choose your T-Shirt size and color and we print it up for you.

For Text Only shirts, simply choose your font, choose your color, and choose where you want the text placed. Or Choose some graphics from our favorite vector graphics site (or a combination of text and graphics). With a few simple choices, you'll have a one-of-a-kind T-Shirt that's ready to wear.

How Do I Get My Own Custom T-Shirt?

A Shirt From Your Favorite Photo

Before Picture Custom T-Shirt Fort Collins, CO After Photo T-Shirt Fort Collins, COSend us your favorite photo. We'll lighten and brighten as needed to make your photo really shine on your shirt. We can even work with you to create some special effects: blur the background, perhaps, or turn it into a black and white image with a touch of color shining through. If you have a preference, we can work with you to make it happen.

A Shirt From Your Favorite Graphic

Graphic T-Shirt Custom Printed Fort Collins, COOur printer can print in suprising detail. Graphics generated from one of the modern graphic design programs can be printed directly onto your shirt. If you don't have a graphic, but have an idea, we can help with that. If you have an idea we can't help you with, you can choose one from among thousands of artists around the world.

We have accounts with two really great sites vectorstock.com and depositphotos.com. Each image is usually a dollor or two for a single use license. We'll simply add that cost to the cost of your shirt.

Some of the Best Shirts Have Only Words

Custom Text T-Shirt Fort Collins, CO

Many of the best T-Shirts have only text (or text and a simple graphic). For the price of any random T-Shirt, you can wear your very own message. Why wear someone else's T-shirt when it's so simple and cost effective to have your own?

Usually a simple font and color is best for your your message T-Shirt. Sometimes, though, you want to go bold and far out. We have a selection of Text Effects that will make your message really zing. Make a few simple text choices and get the T-Shirt you envisioned. Choose: ......Sans Serif.........Serif........Super Fun

Custom Text for T-Shirt Fort Collins, CO Magal ProCustom Text for T-Shirt Fort Collins, CO Minion ProCustom Text for T-Shirt Fort Collins, CO Ravie

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