Caring for Your T-Shirt

We would love to say that your T-Shirt will last as long as your favorite pair of jeans. The reality is, the technology is not quite there, yet. We print using safe, water based inks on 100% cotton shirts (some shirt colors have a small percentage of other fibers). Proper processing techniques will improve the way the image lasts. Proper care is essential to helping your shirt last as long as possible.

Wash Inside Out in Cold Water

Wash your shirt inside out in cold water with mild detergent and like colors. Your garment will be susceptible to scratching by zippers and buttons of garments that are washed with it. Turn them inside out to reduce the risk.

Dry your garment on low heat and remove promptly. Don't use bleach.

Reality Check

C'mon guys, its a twenty something dollar garment. Take a little care when washing. Expect some fading.

This garment is not expected to last through 50 washes - not many garments will.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing unreasonable issues with your shirt - cantact us. We want you to be hapy and we will gladly stand by reasonable expectations of wear.

Our Rules For Printing

Our rules for what we will print on your T-Shirt are really simple. This is our small shop. We reserve the right to not print something we consider inappropriate content.

No Porn

Keep it clean. We won't print explicit sex or violence on a T-Shirt that comes out of our shop. Who decides when the line is drawn? We do.

No Hate

Your T-Shirt should be fun. A little sarcasm and general criticism - we love it. But please no hate against specific individuals. Again, we reserve the right to not print a message we think crosses the line.

License Compliance

We offer a service to print your image on a T-Shirt. We are not the copyright police, so please use good judgement when using someone elses image. Most licenses you obtain are for your one time personal use. If you plan to resell shirts you have printed here, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate licenses.

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