About That T-Shirt Place FoCo

We're a couple of accountants (yes, accountants!) who, upon nearing retirement age, decided to do something fun with the rest of their productive years. What could be more fun than helping people get their precious memories, amazing graphics, and funny sayings on a T-Shirt? Now we have the privelage of seeing happy faces every day and being able to laugh -- a lot.

This business has much of the task driven activities that make accountants feel productive. These DTG machines require constant daily maintenance and filling orders requires a lot of detail work. Of course, we have enlisted the help of qualified designers so that our customers have the quality they deserve.

Our Mission

Our Mission is very simple: Make people smile! That's pretty much it! We will help our customers feel happy about what they put on in the morning. We will continue to improve the quality of our T-Shirt offereings to customers. We will strive to improve our processes, our technology, our skills and our results; each and every day.

Start Up Mode

Indeed, our little company is in start up mode. We will continue to work our "real" jobs during the start up period. Please bear with us during this time of reduced office hours and sleepless nights. We strive to offer you expedient access and quick turnaround.

Watch Your E-Mail

The best news for you during this start up period is we will be offering discounts and promotions on a more regular basis. Sign up for our e-mail list and be rewarded with special promotions that will entice you to get going designing your own Apparel!.

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